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Using VPNs in China

One of the most popular areas where people need access to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) is China due to their strict policies of prohibiting certain mainstream streaming and social media sites. Few VPNs are functional in China, but Hotspot VPN is a great choice.

China's Internet Regulations

In China, the government takes strict control over what the general public can access due to their central beliefs of regulating foreign influence. The Great Firewall, known as the great boundary for China to use for regulating inbound and outbound Internet traffic between China and the rest of the world.

Internet censorship is more extensive and advanced than that in any other country in the world; most major internet services or companies must be established and follow their strict regulations. Many controversial events are prohibited by news coverage, preventing many Chinese citizens from knowing of their government actions.

Here is a number of China's mainstream blocked websites.

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Google

  • BBC

  • New York Times

  • Wikipedia

  • Blogger

  • Whatsapp

  • Wikipedia

  • WordPress

  • Signal

VPN Regulations in China

Using a VPN is partially illegal in China; it boils down to what purpose you're using it for. With internet regulations as strict as the ones in China, and the fact that users may circumvent all of the censorship through a secure SSH or VPN connection to a computer outside of China, the Chinese government is taking more incentive to block these VPNs. There is a number of VPNs that are banned by the Chinese government––they have their own set of approved VPNs that provide the government with backdoor access. It is also dangerous to distribute VPNs that do not follow these regulations; there are many accounts of citizens caught creating or selling these VPNs receiving fines and prison sentences.

How to check if a website is blocked in China

Comparitech offers a great tool for checking whether any given site is blocked in China. Click here to check.

Walking Forward

One of HotspotVPN's central policies is internet security. We believe that everyone deserves internet access with full rights to privacy and free of government surveillance. Spread the news of HotspotVPN to your family and friends!


Interested in improving your online security even further? Consider getting a VPN! Subscribe and download Hotspot VPN today at low costs for unlimited browsing and ultra-fast streaming.

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