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Convenience vs. Privacy

Our Status Quo

As Fortune 500 Companies develop more and more with the goal of increasing convenience for its users. Needless to say, this is a lot to do with our fault as well. In our current lack of care towards permissions and reading over terms of services today, we carelessly allow these companies to have access to our private information without a second guess.

The more data points we provide these companies, the more resources they will have to make conclusions on us and train their artificial intelligence models. A valid and popular counterargument is that it's a necessary evil; there's nothing we can do to prevent these companies to do so.

According to a study by the University of Pennsylvania, it exclaims that Americans resign themselves to the risks of providing their private information, voice calls, passwords, etc if it means that they can keep on using the technology. To most of us, we think that as one of hundreds of millions of users in these companies' user base, the chances that we would be targeted or all of us getting scammed is very small.

The Central Point

So, here is the argument. The internet has been advancing at unprecedented levels; it began as a means for easier communication to now a plethora of services available to anyone at ease. More specifically, today the internet showcases more of a surveillance and privacy-risk oriented platform, monopolized by the aforementioned Fortune 500 companies.

Tim Berners Lee, wrote an appeal 2 years ago, internet today, on the purpose of the internet today, where it monitors and heavily provides a means for everyone to use and also track their traffic. Tim asserts that today, the internet has strayed too far from its original purpose of serving as a fundamental informational highway for opportunities and data to be exchanged across far borders.

Today, data is by far the most valuable resource. As internet security and privacy becomes the most prominent issue as larger companies design their business models for scalability, as voracious consumers we need to be more weary of the results.


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